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Stone Cutting Machine

Stone crusher for sale in Kenya

A stone crusher is a machine that reduces rocks into small pieces or dust. A crusher is an important device in the building industry as it ensures that stones are milled to appropriate level and product used for construction. Within the Kenyan market there are many types of crushers used at different stages of crushing. This article will describe the various types of crushers used in the Kenyan building and construction industry, their price ranges, and what to consider when buying a stone crusher machine

There are many types of ballast crusher for sale in Kenya. These are like jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and hammer crusher. The wide ranges of crushers have different milling qualities and priced differently. There are various stages of stone crushing and different crushers are well designed to be used at each stage. At the primary and secondary stages, course rock materials are fed to jaw crushers which are sent to impact crushers after fair reduction.

Jaw crushers

They are used at the primary stage to reduce large stones into smaller ones for further crushing. Within the Kenyan market, the prices of these machines vary depending on various factors like the type and quality. A second hand machine is likely to be less expensive than a new machine. When shopping for jaw crushers, it is advisable to consider various features like durability, affordability and production capacity and quality.

Impact crushers

They use impact to crush material. They are used at both primary and secondary stages of crushing. They are used to crush various kinds of materials including coarse and small materials. There are two types of impact crushers; namely horizontal shaft impactor and vertical shaft impactor. The prices of these crushers in Kenya depend on the type and condition of the machine.

Cone crushers

This machine crushes stones by squeezing a rotating spindle. The stone that enters the first section of the cone is squeezed and reduced into small sizes. As the stones move further the cone, they are crushed further into smaller pieces till they attain the right size to move out. There are four types of cone crushers: compound, spring, hydraulic and gyratory. The best cone crushers have various features like high production capacity and good quality, durability and cost effective investment amount.

Roller crusher

This machine is mainly used to crush stones into fine and superfine material. It can be used to crush all types of materials such ore, rock and clinker. Their price depends on various aspects such as the type and condition. Good quality rollers have various features like they are durable, affordable and have good production capacity.

Deep Rotor crusher

It is used for making artificial sand and stone crushing. It is applicable in medium and fine milling of many rocks such basalt, bauxite and iron ore. Its cost depends on various features such as pre-sale condition and its type.

Diesel engine crusher

This type of crusher is ideal for locations without electricity or with little electricity. Diesel engine can be used at the middle level of crushing process and are suited for all rocks and stones. The crusher is easy to operate and has a compact structure to make it more stable. One kind of diesel engine crusher is stone ballast crushing machine. This kind of crusher is suitable for many Kenyan clients because many quarry sites do not have electricity. The machine is easy to operate and has good production rate. Because the diesel engine stone ballast machines are designed with various output capacities, the customer can choose the one suited for their work.

What to consider when buying a stone crushing machine in Kenya

There are various factors that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a stone crushing machine in Kenya. These are like the type of work to be done, the price of the machine, the easy with which to operate the machine and maintenance. The price of the machine will guide you to know whether you will afford it. It is advisable to buy a machine based on your budget.

When buying the crusher, one should also consider the durability of the machine. This is because long lasting machines will accord you a good service for a long duration without breakdowns. You should also consider how the machines will be maintained and repaired. If the machine is complex to require an expert to maintain it, you should avoid it because you will take time to find such an expert. The machine should be repaired easily and its spare parts are readily available locally.

The type of crushing will also dictate the kind of machine you will buy at what price. If for instant you want to do primary crushing, you should buy an impact crusher. For those who want to do secondary crushing, invest in deep rotor crusher and roller crusher. The ease with which a machine is operated is also important and must be taken into consideration. Complicated crushers which need experts with special operation skills must be avoided. Within the Kenyan situation, when buying crushers, purchase those ones that are easy to operate like diesel engine ballast crushers.

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