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Pavoni Stone Cutting Machine

Pavoni Stone Cutting Machine

The construction industry in Kenya is expanding. This is because the industry is so lucrative and the government has given it top priority in its development agenda otherwise known as Agenda Four. To enable the developers in this industry to build strong structures, materials used must be strong and suitable. One of the major ingredients of construction is stones. Stones are used to build walls of houses and must be shaped well to meet this purpose. There are two main ways of cutting stones, namely using machines or doing it manually. The manually cut stones are not shaped well and are labour intensive. On the other hand, machine cut stones are evenly shaped, take less time to cut, produce a lot of blocks, and do not waste mortar. There are many types of cutting machines in the Kenyan market. Like many other subsectors of the economy, the stone cutting machine subsector has been infiltrated by fake products. It is therefore absolutely important for a customer to do background checks to ascertain that they are not buying a fake product. One of the best companies that manufacture stone cutting machines in the world is Pavoni. This article describes the historical background of Pavoni, its products and product features.

Pavoni history

Two brothers, Ezio and Pasquale Pavoni, created Pavoni in 1987. The company's main focus was manufacturing and construction of stone cutting machines. At first the company was producing different models but as it progressed, it put its technology together to come up with a superior product known as MT 180. The MT 180 is a superior stone cutting machine which is highly flexible in usage and that has attracted a huge clientele all over the world particularly in the developing countries. The machine is especially suited to cut tufa which makes an ideal choice for developing countries like Kenya. The machine has a capacity of working for 24 hours and producing 40,000 blocks of stone each day. This robustness in performance is an attractive feature in the Kenyan market where the machine has attracted many clients.MT 180 is a very durable machine that works for years without any breakdown. Pavoni Company has invested a lot in customer care and is able to attend to the clients' issues promptly and provide the solutions required. The company has a strong philosophy of giving individualized service to customers, a quality that has made it to create a strong customer foundation.

Features of MT 180

In terms of functional areas, the MT 180 has various parts. This are like: carrying trolley, the engine, vertical cutting and horizontal cutting sections and transmission and hydraulic section. The carrying trolley is built of steel and has mechanical and hydraulic parts fixed there. The engine unit is powered by diesel and has a speed of 180 hp. The machine is built using superior materials, its manufacturing technique guarantees good performance of all its parts. The machine is heavy which makes it stable and lessen vibrations.

Pavoni MT-180 Specs

Weighs 5 tonnes and measures 4m by 2m by 1.85m.

Consumers 20 litres of diesel per hour and has production capacity of 15,000 to 40,000 blocks in 24hrs.

Has both horizontal and vertical cutting set. Vertical blades can cut up to a depth of 400 mm while horizontal discs can cut up to 300 mm. The maximum depth of placement of the horizontal disk is 350 mm.

Has eight wheels, six of which are driving wheels to ensure maximum stability during the cutting process. The maximum speed of advancement in the working phase is equal to 20 m/s, while in return phase can range from 80 to 120 m/s.

Has carbon steel discs with cutting edge re-enforced and protected with extra-hard widia tips.

You can use several pairs of pulleys and gears for harder rocks.

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