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Best Stone Cutting Machine in Kenya

As the building and construction industry expands in Kenya, the need for quality building stones has likewise arisen. There are two types of stones used in construction. These includes manual and machine cut quarry stones. Manual cut stones are forcefully removed out of the ground and shaped accordingly according to construction specifications. The manual cut stones are uneven and likely to consume a lot of ballast. On the other hand, machine cut stones are shaped into various sizes using a stone cutting machine in Kenya at the quarry site. They are a bit expensive compared to the manually cut stones. There are various benefits of using machine to cut stones. For instance, you save on the cost of labour, you use less mortar and there is no stone dressing.

The proliferation of stone cutting machines in the Kenyan market requires that a customer needs to be very careful when purchasing the machine. This is because, just like any other field, this area has also its fair share of fake machinery. When you want to buy these machines for commercial purposes, it is important to consider various factors. The machine must have features like: highly automated, high crushing and production capacity and uniform grain size. The machine must be durable and easy to maintain. Another important consideration is the price of the machinery. In this regard, the price must be within your budget.

To buy these machines at competitive prices from the market best professional manufactures, we have great deals from Pavoni and magisa stone cutting machines. We will discuss the product features of the two companies. Additionally, we can offer you a free quotation on the best stone cutting machine for sale in Kenya.

a) Pavoni stone cutting machine

The Pavoni Company has a wide range of experience in the manufacture of stone cutting machines. Based in Italy, the company has a highly experienced staff and has been in this market for over 30 years. One of their best products is MT 180 which is highly regarded and suited for the Kenyan quarrying market. The machine has a number of features that that have made it the best in the market. As regards, the Kenyan situation, the MT 180 is well suited because of its ability to cut tufa. The machine works non-stop in 24 hours and produces 40,000 pieces of tufa. The machine's robustness and high levels of productivity is highly regarded in the Kenyan market especially in Coast and Central Kenya mines. Because of its high levels of performance, the machine is attracting other markets in developing countries like Nicaragua, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia.

Pavoni Company is also highly regarded due to its customer care policies. The company accords the clients individualized attention and is always ready to give them the assistance they deserve. They also a spare-parts shop in Nairobi.

MT 180 has various features that are highly regarded. For example, the material used to manufacture it is of high quality, it has its gears placed in bath oil boxes, and the machine is heavy enough to offset any vibrations and ensure stability.

b) Magisa stone cutting machine

Magisa is a company specializing in stone cutting machine based in Italy. The company was established in 1962 and has wide experience in manufacturing machines for cutting stones. The machines manufactured by this company are suited for cutting limestone, sandstone, volcanic and stones. In terms of its products, the stones cut by Magisa machinery are ready to be used for construction without any further processes. The machines are easy to operate and do not need any specialized skills. This feature particularly makes magisa's machines suited for the Kenyan market.

Magisa is able to produce machines to suit various markets and as per the client specifications. This flexibility is what makes their products suitable in the Kenyan case. Furthermore, their machines are highly durable and can last for years without breakage. The machines manufactured by magisa are compliant with European Union laws and meet the set industry standards.

Company produces a variety of models to suit various customer needs. This ranges from 20 to 180 hp and have different cutting depths. This attribute is important because customers are able to buy a model that is suited to their cutting need.

Kenyan customers can also highly consider buying stone cutting machines from Magisa just like Pavoni because the company produces high quality products suited to all their stone cutting needs.